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Alesia breaks out of her shellNot long ago, Alesia was trapped in a rotten marriage. The sex? Well, it sucked. It was more about him getting off and not worrying about how I feel, Alesia, 45, said. If he finished before me, hed roll over and go to sleep. I went to Catholic school, and oral sex and all that kind of sex was bad, so I never went down on my husband, and hed say to me, If you go down on me, Ill go down on you. I thought sex was a duty. It was a chore. But I did a 360. That 360-degree turn has brought her to the 40 Something Mag styling room, where she tells us all about herself in this entertaining, informative interview. For example, she used to be a Republican committeewoman. I think everybody would be shocked out of their minds if they knew I was doing this, Alesia said. Shocked? Maybe. But we see women like this all the time. Theyre what make 40 Something Mag special.
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